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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

News You Can Use, Ver. 2.0.1 - The Merry Christmas Edition 

...it's always comforting to know that the good folks at the Associated Press are looking out for our interests, fighting that stalwart Fourth Estate fight for us. Tonight, for example, we learn that one great way of making sure that we reduce our odds of facing an IRS tax audit is to try to avoid earning $200k per year or more. I'm sure that we can all use this helpful tip to avoid those disquieting moments sitting in front of a hard-eyed IRS auditor pawing disgustedly through your shoe box labeled "Medical Receipts"...

Not only that, but if you
do find yourself subjected to an audit and are behind on your taxes and are unemployed, the IRS - oh, lucky day - has payment tools to help you make up for your failure to do your part to support our society...which, as you well know, is a Socialist Commie concept because 'Socialist' and 'Society' both come from the same root word, which in itsownself can only give you comfort, knowing that RNC Chairman Michael Steele will come bursting through the IRS auditor's typically SocioCommie closed door - bandoliers flying and RNC-approved Teabagger-endorsed semiautomatic assault rifle blazing - to rescue you from that aforementioned hard-eyed SocioCommieFascist jackbooted federal tax thug and save you from the brutal subjugation of paying some penurious "debt" to Obama's (SOCIALIST) society...

So there you have it. Simple tools for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; make sure you keep your income down, and rely on Mike Steele to save you if that tax thing goes bad because he knows what "flipping the bird" is all about. This is truly News You Can Use...
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