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Friday, January 08, 2010

I Think I See The Problem 

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...y'see, in some other world...say for example, Dr. Pangloss's 'otherwise perfect world', perhaps, there would be all sorts of actual journalistic checks and balances that would discourage Rudy Gualini from even saying something like this:
"We had no domestic attacks under Bush," Giuliani said. "We've had one under Obama."

Rudy, in that otherwise perfect world, would learn that he would be hounded off the set of "Good Morning, America" by such a savagely bloody and vicious attack by the show's hosts that he would be lucky to ever be able to play any role on the stage of American politics other than the crazy uncle in the basement. His political currency would be valued somewhere south of Monopoly money if he even dallied with the idea of making such an outrageous statement...or at least it would in that otherwise perfect world...

We don't live in that world, sadly enough. We live in a grimy world of smarmy lies and vaguely shaded half-truths that pass for the supposed statement of facts. Rudy says what he says, reinforcing the idea that a lie that is repeated often enough becomes the truth, and George Stephanopoulos sits there with a Gomer Pyle buck-toothed grin soaking it all up, apparently never once firing up enough brain cells to critically evaluate how Rudy's statements square with even the first draft of history that has been laid down regarding The Year Of Our Lord 2001, when George W. Bush was President of the United States. Even beyond his failure to pursue the factual reality of Sept. 11, 2001, Stephanopoulos apparently can't summon the slightest hint of curiosity to inquire as to how Rudy squares his patter with the equally factual reality of the story of shoe bomber Richard Reid that played out three months
after nine-eleven...

I think I see the problem here. We appear to be afflicted with a bunch of people hungering to be the ruling class who would better serve us by being beer-drunk passed out over the air cleaner of an '88 Dodge Aries who are being facilitated by a collection of so-called journalists who look like nothing less than the south-side view of a north-bound horse. There isn't any plausible explanation for George's failure to explore Rudy's statements other than the rather casual fact that the supposed 'opinion-maker' interviewers like Stephanopoulos - whether they are doing the big time Sunday Talking Head shows or diving into the fluffy weekday morning shows - are little more than enablers. We knew that already, of course, because we have been able to collect a long, tragically rich history of supposed journalists sitting on their hands while various politicians spout any vacuous nonsense that comes to mind, but this little episode - where even clearly-established history is passed over as if it never happened - finally ratifies a clear understanding of the failure of the media to be a faithful arbiter of the truth...

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