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Friday, July 07, 2006

Osama Bin Who? 

...I must confess that I have been suffering from a certain sense of disturbance over the last several days, a crisis of confidence...or perhaps hope...as I watched the media and Democratic leadership seem to conspire to grant another two years of majority to the Republicans in situations where there was simply no way in hell that these clowns should even be getting an audience to tout supposed victories. But there it is. Today, however, the 43rd President of the United States and the first US President to drag the country into an unnecessary invasion and occupation of another country dragged me out of my doldrums by insisting that the United States is still in hot pursuit of its original terrorist boogyman Osama Bin Laden...

How long, Oh Lord, how long will they keep lying to me? Will there ever come a day when the actual "War on Terra" will actually be seriously prosecuted rather than be stuffed in a closet underneath some White House staircase, only to be pulled out and waved in our faces solely for purposes of scoring political coup when the polls are down? We effectively quit looking for OBL the day resources started being diverted to the fulfillment of the PNAC wet dream of creating a western-style Democracy at gunpoint in Iraq. As it turns out, we pretty much
officially gave up on the effort some time late last year with the disbanding of the special CIA unit that had been tasked with tracking Bin Laden since the Clinton administration. That revelation has been accompanied with all of the expected bureaucratic noise about how we are, too, still looking for him with the same intensity but are just apportioning our resources more efficiently...

Well, of course that's what they are going to say! This administration couldn't survive saying "Osama who?", given the hash they have made of Gee Dub's Grand Iraqi Nation-Building Adventure. The only problem is, they didn't get that whole hand-over-the-candle super double secret 'loose lips sink ships' thing adequated communicated to the ranks. As a result, they are now faced with the spectacle of the guy who ran the unit
popping up all over the place saying that little more that office politics, turf wars, and a lack of understanding of the real threats lurking out there beyond the campfire light are what led to the disbanding of the "Alec" group. This whole mess shows that, at every level from the White House down, internal political considerations trump any actual concern over the security of the country when push comes to shove. So we have Gee Dub yipping today in Chicago about his ongoing committment to bringing Public Enemy Number One, Osama Bin Laden, to justice - or, even better, to a bloody demise at the hands of American firepower - while every possible indicator of Gee Dub's resolve has dried up and blown away in the winds of the Iraqi folly. It's nice that Gee Dub still remembers the name of the person who brought a new brand of terror to this country, but - given the fact that our staunch allies in Pakistan don't even feel that they really even know where OBL is - it's just more of the same old empty political talk that we've seen employed so successfully in the past. And, as in the past, it's just another lie, and no amount of passionate denial by Gee Dub will make that simple factiod go away...

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